Many years ago we fell asleep by the sedative of the superhuman,
but the mystic magic of nature’s wand says,
’Awake and rise again.’ too long has thou slumbered.
Too long has time passed you by.
Your work on earth has been delinquent and you cannot reign on high.

If it is true that you have awakened, then good for you,
but your work has just begun, because your brother needs awakening too.
Touch him softly, gently, a portion of thy light to him give,
and the mystic magic of your touch will cause him to look and live.
— Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Once upon a time, my happy place was traveling on foreign land, far away from everything that seemed so ordinary and mundane.

Uganda, Kenya, Zanzibar, China, England, Ireland, Jamaica--I've been to them all.

Now, it's the little things like not being anxious about the future, or seeing my son's smile stretch across his gorgeous face. 

What should you know about me?

I'm a mother, wife, creative, introvert, extrovert, traveler, worker-bee/aspiring business woman/entrepreneur who is in search of that....that "spark" to set things off.

I want to make myself proud and show my son that he can literally be ANYTHING.


But mama and dada need to show him that first so that this concept doesn't seem so foreign and out of reach. 

I'm a spirit in dire need of creative expression. It's imperative to my survival and emotional stability, and just my everyday ability to function.


I need to see colors and beautiful pictures and read inspirational words and share my story because I do believe it is an inspiring one.

I've created this blog/website to help me embrace my gifts and come out of my shell.

My energy at the moment: "Modesty speaks volumes about falseness", said by the great Maya Angelou. Yes Maya, there is nothing cute about being timid and belittling the blessings that God's given you.

So, this is my attempt to share my creative energy with the world, collaborate, and inspire other inquiring souls to blossom into the amazing, confident beings that you are.