Once upon a time, in a world saturated with bloggers galore, a young woman thought it would be a good idea to start a blog of her own. How cool it would be to get all of these ideas out into the online stratosphere, along with feelings and questions and answers and all the other things that, at times, overwhelmed her mind and being. Her words could hopefully inspire others, build them up, and show them they're not alone in all their crazy.

She wanted to share her gifts, her love for color and photography, her journey of transitioning from a single woman traveling the world, to a mother and a Mrs. in the matter of months while traveling the world, and how these events have transformed her life and state of mind.

But somehow there was a problem. For one, she didn't quite know where to begin. What would she name the blog? What exactly would she be writing about? How would she get comfortable sharing so much of herself to complete strangers who had the capability to judge her? How would she even get the words out?

So what did she do? She simply started. She chose a name for her blog and went ahead and wrote her first blog post. Of course she wanted some savvy, eye-catching name that would stop you in your tracks. She wanted to entice you with her stories of triumph and redemption, with soulful images that you could feel deeply. But there'd be time for all of that.

Big dreams can sometimes be paralyzing. Especially when you know you're capable of great, world-shaking things. But we have to remind ourselves that success begins with taking even the smallest step. Your dreams are your guiding light; the actions you take (or don't take) determines whether or not they'll become reality.

This girl knows this time has to be different. She's been here before, starting something and not finishing.. giving up when the wind changes direction. Will this time be any different from others? Well, we have yet to see, but my instincts tells me that she certainly has everything she needs within her and with a little planning and time, she'll get this blog where she needs it to be.