Welcome to my humble abode:)

Thank you for stopping by. Whether it's to check out some photography, read a blog, or get some inspiration, I appreciate you being here.

My name is Edine Natalia, and I'm a self-proclaimed visual addict/photographer, per the name Peep The Visuals. I love beautiful imagery, whether it's photography of fashion, interior design, or portraiture ... as long as it speaks to me, it inspires me. Bright, vivid shades of color, and bold, unapologetic ways of expressing one's self creatively motivates me to express myself visually.

Traveling is another one of my passions. As you'll see, I caught the travel bug some years back, and it's completely influenced and shaped the woman I am today. But i'm not a big talker. I'm a visualist. Therefore, I prefer for the photos to give you a little insight into who I am. 

I'm available for photo sessions and events, so please drop a line below and we'll talk about what you have in mind.


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