Proofreader Edine Natalia

I find and eliminate errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar for creative bloggers, so they can produce readable, high quality content.

I know you have lots to do. Not only are you a blogger, but you're an ambitious entrepreneur, self-proclaimed creative, Google researcher, business maven, and ___________. On top of wearing multiple hats, you're expected to have pristine, error-free content, because you know one mistake could cost you a subscriber. Or sponsor. Or potential investor. It's serious business out here in the blogging-sphere, and you always feel like your credibility could wind up on the chopping block. 

Well, I want to make sure that doesn't happen to you. My job is to have your back.

I'm here to thoroughly proofread your content and help you maintain your integrity as a professional, so you can rest assure your audience enjoys the work you put out. Let me worry about whether that comma is in the right place, or if you should use "their" instead of "there." Forgot the difference between "affect" and "effect?" No worries. I'll take care of all the technical stuff, that way you can focus on what you do so damn well: blogging!

I loooove me some bloggers. Honestly. Because of you, I've managed to put together some semblance of a website, showcasing my knack for words and love for all things visuals. The time you've invested in sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and ups and downs in life and business has pretty much guided me to this very moment where I can now confidently do my own thing. Your ebooks, courses, worksheets, replies to all of my long-winded comments, and constant updates on helpful information have been key to helping me successfully pursue my creative entrepreneurship, and has literally brought me here to this very moment (more on that a little later.) 

Self-acceptance gives you the much needed energy and freedom you need to grow.

My curiosity and free-spiritedness have taken me down a winding road, where at times I had no idea which way to turn. When it came to choosing a career, I was absolutely clueless.

Funny thing is, my talent with editing wasn't even something I picked up on until it was pointed out during an internship after college. It was with a quarterly photo-production magazine where, at first, I wore many different hats (like most interns do), like location scout and photo shoot assistant, for example.

Soon the magazine's creators were assigning me articles to look over, figuring I'd be useful since I was an English major in college. Eventually I was editing every article from front to back, and soon after that they chose me as their new editor. I got freelance work proofreading and editing for other publications, too, but as the story of my life goes, that itch kicked in. I just wasn't satisfied, nor was I certain a career in editing was one I wanted to pursue. I figured, hey, if it's meant to be, then I'd find my way back.

So off I went taking photography jobs when I could (and felt confident enough). But I found myself more and more afraid to put myself out there, so being the scaredy cat I was, I did what some of us insecure creatives do when we're, ya know, "figuring things out." Yup...I got a restaurant job. And then another one after that. Living that life literally sucked the creative juices out of me. I was tired all the time from the long hours and hard partying after (and during) work, and soon I felt lost and uninspired. But the one thing I managed to do as often as I could (waitressing money was good and sooooo addictive!) was take a vacation. That was literally my saving grace and precursor for the next phase of my life.

I took a string of fulfilling adventures around the world (we'll get more into that another time) and took that time to figure out how I was going to create a life I was proud of. I wish I could say I had this major epiphany and somehow "found myself", but in reality, it was the beginning of the discovery phase that forced me to ask the right questions so I could get to the right answers.

If you don’t know the answer, perhaps you should change the question.

What was my purpose? What's my gift to the world? How do I find my passion? I'd stay up for hours at night googling these questions, reading article after article from different blogs. It was refreshing how many people spoke to my heart and inspired me just by being honest about their own stories. It was a reminder that I wasn't alone on this crazy, confusing journey of life. It also showed me that....ummm....some folks could surely benefit from having a proofreader look over their work. Did you see what I did there? Ha!

Look, no one is perfect. We all make mistakes in our writing, as we do in life and everything else.

With blogging, the most precious thing it offers is insight. For the writer, it enables you to share a gift, or piece of information with someone else who can benefit from it. So wondering if you should use a colon instead of a hyphen may not be the most important thing on your list, but that doesn't mean it's not important. Clear writing keeps your reader engaged and lets them know they can trust what you have to say. When I read a blog that's full of errors, it distracts me from receiving its full value. 

So, I'm challenging all bloggers out their reading this to take your blog to next level. 


As a proofreader, I specialize in helping court reporters turn in top-notch transcripts, thoroughly checking for punctuation, style, and grammatical errors.

Court reporters have their hands full with the super important task of transcribing every word said in a legal proceeding. My biggest responsibility is to ensure that transcripts are returned to you, the court reporter, error free, but verbatim; true to what's been said. This helps you maintain your integrity, confidently turn in immaculate transcripts. My job is to give you the time and opportunity to keep doing what they do best.

My curiosity and free-spiritedness led me to explore other industries, but life has come full circle, and I dedicated myself to refining my skills by becoming a certified proofreader.

I’ve always been passionate about reading and writing. My knack for words was realized in school, as I excelled in spelling, grammar, writing, and language. This inspired me to major in English in college and eventually intern as a copy editor at a photo-production magazine while working as a proofreader with another magazine.

 I was introduced to copy editing when  I graduated college in 2007 and began an internship with
Resource Magazine, a publication catering to the photo-production industry. Initially, I wore many different hats, including that of copy editor, location scout, photo shoot assistant, and more. They
were impressed with my copy editing and took me on as their sole copy editor. I was trusted with editing every article from the front to back of each issue. They also included me in meetings to discuss the direction of the magazine and brainstorming potential ideas for
upcoming articles.

After Resource, I began working with Afro Market Magazine, a magazine that spoke to entrepreneurial members of the African community in New York City. The interviews were recorded in an African language and
then translated into English.  I was responsible for not only proofreading, but also restructuring many of the sentences and paragraphs that were illegible. It was always a pleasure to see the before and after product and know that I could help the articles maintain clarity for its audience.

I understand that working at a publication involves wearing many different hats, something I learned firsthand at Resource Magazine. My ability to confidently multitask is something I attribute to them.
They trusted me to handle big projects and encouraged me to confidently think on my feet. Eventually, I ventured off into photography, which I still do, in order to give myself the experience of working in another facet of the industry. Though I explore photography, copy editing is something that I enjoy doing and take much pride in. It is our responsibility as copy editors to polish the work of writers, giving it that glossy finish. It is my belief that most copy editors are closeted writers, creators in our own right. 

Hey y'all. Edine here, just doing what I can to enjoy this life I've been blessed with. Lucky for me, God has given me a free spirit that loves to see the world and inspire others to do the same. So far, life has been quite the adventure. I am a born and bred New Yorker who has traveled to places around the world including Zanzibar, Uganda, South AfricaChina, England, Ireland, Jamaica, and more. I'm writing and photographing my way through these journeys, hoping to encourage others to take big leaps and trust to land on your feet. It's not about being fearless. You will see that I have been fearful, and super emotional, and I overthink like a mutha. But somehow I find myself doing the things I've always dream of. Like how I somehow always knew I'd find my other half across the ocean. Or how I always knew I'd be a mother and show my children the beauty and wonder of this world. So yeah, be prepared to hear the many stories that will unfold. And thanks for stopping by.

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