How to Get Through The Early Struggles Of Blogging

So you’ve written your first blog post. After re-reading it fifty times and scanning the cursor back and forth over the “publish” button, you bite the bullet and click down as you officially enter the blogging stratosphere.


Aahhh. So the hard part is over, right? Well maybe for you. But for some, this could be where things get tricky. The second post can be even more daunting than the first, something you hadn’t really given much thought until you sit down at your laptop and realize you have no idea what you’re doing.

Yeah, so I’ll start this blog and talk about all the spectacular madness swirling around in my head and never run out of content. 

Yeah, not so simple.

Blogging can be a difficult process for some. If you’re not careful, the early stages could be the part where you throw in the towel. Don’t do it! 

Take a deep breath and remember these key points to loosen up and get the ball rolling again.

Step away

Yeah I know…you just got started. But there’s nothing wrong with taking a short break to get centered again. It’s still early and the excitement and anxiety of it all can be overwhelming while clouding your vision.

Explore the following  suggestions and get your mojo back.

Create a vision board

Find images that inspire you and put them together in a collage. Throw in some inspirational quotes to keep yourself focused. Make it colorful and eye-catching so every time you look at it, you’re thrust back into your creative zone.

Set up a Pinterest account and get inspired

You can actually use this as a format for your vision board. This is my go-to when any inkling of doubt or frustration seeps into my realm.

Pinterest is basically a website and app where you can upload and search for things of interest to you and organize them onto boards labeled to your liking. For example, my “Inspiration”  board has an assort of motivational words and images that keep my head in the game.

You’ll find yourself making friends with pinners who think your page is a total masterpiece. Who needs more encouragement than that?


Do you remember the first time you came up with the idea to start your blog? Or why you wanted to do it to begin with? Well put it down on paper.

Or do what I do and keep an online journal and blog privately about the whole experience and everything else that pops in your mind. It can be a great reference when you forget what you're doing and why.

Post something short and sweet. 

Every blog post doesn’t have to be a 20-page manifesto. Sometimes a few words can get a major point across. Or an image that speaks to you may leave an impression on one of your readers who needed to see it too.

Just be honest. Whatever you post should be some reflection of your thoughts and emotions in that moment. The universe always knows what’s up and has a way of making things work when you do things from the soul.

Stop typing and start talking

Call your designated venting partner… you know, the person who you can rant to, and just listen, without judgement.

Talk about your aspirations, your fears, and whatever else you feel needs to come out. Hopefully you’ll feel confident enough to post about it all despite how personal the content may be.

Let your blog be the mouthpiece to your heart and mind.

Explore your options.

You may have started out with a specific idea in mind of what you wanted to talk about. But don’t be afraid to switch things up if you’re struggling between different ideas.

Think of your first few posts as trial and error. Write about the ideas you’ve been pondering on and see where it takes you.

Write, write, write! 

As we all know, with practice and time, you only get better. Carve out a few minutes, an hour, whatever it is you can sacrifice in a day to write. Write about the things that mean the most to you… the things you can’t shy away from. Eventually your fluidity with words and ideas will flow effortlessly.

What are some of the things you do when you're struggling with your blog?