Have A Plan And Let It Guide You

I couldn't sleep last night. Not that that's anything new. Lately it's been difficult for me to get to sleep early enough and it's basically because of anxiety.


In less than three weeks, I'll be moving to Uganda with my son. I think travelling with a newborn, which I've never done before, adds a lot of pressure on top of everything else this trip means.

For one, I'll be leaving my family and friends behind and all the things in my comfort zone. And if I think about it long enough, it becomes quite intimidating.

Traveling for me usually doesn't present many challenges beforehand. Usually I'm pretty excited, awaiting the day of my departure, calm as a cucumber. However this time around is a completely different ballgame with challenges I've never been presented with before.

I stay up late at night searching for answers...hoping to find the antidote to cure all of my worries.

So I came upon this:

This has become my saving grace.

"Go to sleep at night with a plan in mind for the next day."

If you're a person who values discipline, whatever you plan will get done in some capacity. For me, I knew I hadn't written anything in a while. I can't even tell you when my last blog post was.

So my plan was to make sure I wrote today. It didn't matter what it was about, but I had to write. And just like that, here I am sticking to my plan.

Of course, now my son is waking up from his short nap and I have to cut this short, but this is how life goes. There will be always something to stop you from what you want to do. Just make sure it's something that is deserving of your time.

And what is more deserving than the people you love. 

Until next time...