How to Take Fun, Creative Baby Pictures

Guilty as charged. Yes, I've become one of those moms who takes pictures of my baby all. day. long. If you're anything like me, your phone is maxed out of space and so is your camera's memory card.


But do you ever get frustrated with the lack of creativity in them? Sometimes I notice that all the pictures look the same. Same outfit. Same background. Same look, one right after the other. It becomes quite obvious I didn't want to miss one little moment in my son's day!

There comes a time when you have to stop snapping and start creating! Have fun with your little one and let the good times effortlessly shine through in each picture.

A bit of color can make such a difference... A change of scenery... Baby's brand new outfit. We have the props all around us just waiting to be used. So read on and consider these ideas to take creative pictures of your baby and shake things up!

Use colorful printed backgrounds

Color, prints, and graphics add personality to any picture. So spread baby's elephant-printed blankets and turqoise and yellow-colored sheets on the bed (or floor).

For added visual pleasure, put baby in one of his cutest outfits, maybe a onesie with funky graphics or funny words.  Lay a stuffed animal or favorite toy right next to him and snap away!

You can use whatever it is that stands out and catches your eye. I recently purchased some beautiful, bold and colorful wax print fabrics during a visit to Kenya, and a couple more pieces here in Uganda.

These will be awesome backdrops for a photo shoot with my son. You too can head to a fabric store and get inspired by all the different possibilities!


Change your perspective

Try standing over your little one (carefully, of course) and take pictures while he lays down. Or you can down low and shoot up (if he's already standing). Or while baby lays down, lay down with him and take a picture. It sounds so simple, but you can capture some memorable moments like this.

Another fun perspective is through a window or mirror. It may bring out a little smile or look of wonderment. And don't be afraid to get in close or zoom in! 


Go outdoors!

My son LOVES being outside. If he could wake up every morning outside and go to sleep under the open night sky, he would. I use our time outside in the open air to let the environment work for me.

As baby touches the blooming flower for the first time--snap! That's a picture-perfect moment right there. Is your daughter staring in awe at the funny faces in the clouds? That's another one right there. 

The wonderful thing about photographing your children is the chance you get to really learn about what tickles their fascination. 


Get family and friends involved

Whether it's a family gathering or a day spent at grandma's house, use these opportunities to capture special family moments. And again, use what's laying around as props.

Auntie planting fat kisses on her nephew's  chubby cheeks as they sit on her polka dot-printed couch is not only a precious moment, but a quirky, fun visual you'll be glad you froze in time. But remember, the most important thing about this tip is to involve the people who love your little one. Why not give them the gift of looking back in time to see how much love surrounded them?

Baby's everyday antics

Babies are discovering new things every day. Whether it's finding out their foot can fit in their mouth, or learning how to build Legos, these are the moments you'll be glad you captured.  

Taking photos of my son laughing is always picture-worthy. Pictures of him dancing, practicing to walk, even splashing around during bath time ar great photos to look back on.


Editing programs/apps

I'm a creative at heart. Rearranging and creatively putting things together is therapeutic and my idea of time well spent! 

So of course I have my go-to apps for jazzing up some pics. We all know of programs like Adobe Photoshop, but if you don't want to spend a lot of money, try VSCO Supply, an app with the finest editing tools and incredibly clean, classic filters. It will give your images a gloss as if it's coming straight out of a magazine. 

Over is my favorite for adding graphics to photos (also great for creating logos). Using both simultaneously will instantly upgrade the look and feel of your pictures. 


Keep a camera handy at all times

Sometimes, the most unforgettable moments happen when you least expect it. So always be ready to shoot. Keep your camera with you so you don't miss baby taking his first steps or making her unforgettable faces. 


Elijah's first time visiting Sipi Falls in Kapchorwa, Uganda

Elijah's first time visiting Sipi Falls in Kapchorwa, Uganda

New places

These are the times when baby's eyes are wide and curious, smiling and wandering as they take in new sights. Of course you make sure to take your camera with you on vacations. But lunch at that cool, hip new restaurant in town should make for an awesome photo op .  

Okay fine, your one-year-old may not be ready to hold his knife and fork over his plate of chicken fingers and fries, but hey, why not snap a photo as he fiddles with his utensils?



Use boxes/bags/buckets

Whatever you can put baby into will add an element of surprise to any picture. Don't be afraid to (again, carefully) put baby in the kitchen sink, an empty box, or even the basket you keep toys in for a great photo. These are the ones that will put a smile on anyone's face.


Use/make signs

This may seem a bit tedious but it might be relaxing to get a little arts-and-craftsy while you hang out with your little one, or better yet, as he takes a nap. Get your hands on some white poster boards and create colorful and bright signs with some funny words and phrases. Not only will these ideas create memorable photos, but they can serve as a stress reliever when you need a little break from being an adult. Tap into your creative side and have a little fun just playin' around with crayons and markers! 

I haven't tried this one yet, and if you're anything like me, you come up with every reason under the sun why you have no time to partake in such activities since it always feels there's never enough time in the day. So, use someone else's sign! Or painted wall. Or storefront. Whatever it takes, just get the shot!

I hope these suggestions help you have a little more fun creating pictures of your little ones. Maybe you've already tried some of these tips; have they worked for you? And what are some of the creative ways you take photos of your babies?