Mama, Don't Let the Moment Get the Best of You


My son is a handful.

This little boy is the most stubborn, strong-willed person I've ever met in my entire. life. He's defiant and somewhat rebellious, and he does what he wants to do while he half listens to you telling him what not to do.

Lately his tantrums have taken me to a breaking point. He kicks, screams, spits, and does it all while looking you straight in the eye.

He has no fear.

It's been a struggle throughout the past year feeling as if I have no control over the situation. And not everyone understands how frustrating that could be, especially when they just go ahead and put their unsolicited two cents in. 

But one thing I keep telling myself is that difficult as parenting can be, it really does get better.

And I'm not talking about in 18 years when they move out. I'm talking about the calm after the storm, right after the temper tantrum when he starts to catch his breath and stop crying.

The sadness in his face, the leftover tears sitting in the corner of his eyes remind me that he is a baby and as intelligent as this child is, he has not yet figured out how to work through his emotions. I''m a full blown adult and still struggle with that myself, so how could I expect so much from him?

Babies are emotional, and are not yet equipped to deal with it all.

They learn how to react off of what we do, what we present to them through our energy and presence, and how we communicate with them.

Don't let the moment get the best of you, because there will be plenty more where that came from.