Write So We All Can Be Free

I love how people can just sit down and write, words flowing effortlessly, like water from a faucet.

It's sexy and alluring to know that one can string words together that sing like a song, oohing and ahhing, hitting high notes and harmonizing to create a melody so hypnotizing.  


It's a beautiful thing, to effect someone so deeply that they consider bettering their lives, or the lives of others, just because your mind worked collectively with your heart and through your fingertips to create a call for change through words.

Your words. They are powerful.

They provoke, they manipulate, they gather, they break down and destruct. They are not self-contained. They implode.

And they are waiting to be used by the ones who are bold enough to engage with them.

A writer never forgets. She doesn't lose her wit or style. She can go away and come back and her mind will still put forth the words that represent who she is and what she believes in.

It's a matter of courage. Self-belief.

Knowing that you too have what it takes to shape this world with what's crying out from inside of you. Tapping in to that source of pain. Because even pain can be quite beautiful, or at least transformed into a lesson that can save generations to come.

Yes, writing is transformative.

From just a thought to a work of art, it continues to grow and blossom and initiate action in a world in need of your voice.

So keep at it.

Write until your last breath.

Write so we all can be free.