Introducing IG on PTV


I never got comfortable with social media. Ever. I always wanted my own website, blog, special place online where I could express myself, and I haven’t been able to do that on social media in a consistent way.

Sometimes you have to do your own thing. Create your own lane. Make something that is of you and your spirit that you don’t mind sharing with other people.

Insight and Inspo is just that.

It’s my insight on life, happenings, and any observations I make from day to day.

The inspo are all inspiring images and words that have struck a chord in me. And maybe they’ll strike a chord with you too, maybe they won’t. You can either stay here, or you can go. My hope is that you’ll stay for a while and rock with me while I share a bit of myself and the people and things I care most about in life.

Thanks for being here.

Edine NataliaComment