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Write So We All Can Be Free

I love how people can just sit down and write, words flowing effortlessly, like water from a faucet.

It's sexy and alluring to know that one can string words together that sing like a song, oohing and ahhing, hitting high notes and harmonizing to create a melody so hypnotizing.  

It's a beautiful thing, to effect someone so deeply that they consider bettering their lives, or the lives of others, just because your mind worked collectively with your heart and through your fingertips to create a call for change through words…

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New Projects

Starting a new project wears on me within the first few days of its inception. For instance, with this Daily Dose Project (which is now "Thoughts"), I've just created this page and I'm already wondering what the hell I'm doing and why?

It's only the beginning and all my ideas aren't fleshed out, so the insecurity sets in.

The idea sounded great but I'm wondering if it will really work. I'm not sure if anyone will ever read these words. 

But if you push just long enough, you start to see things come together. Your ideas begin to morph into something more real... more tangible. Keep going and spread the love and insight… 

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How to Take Fun, Creative Baby Pictures

Guilty as charged. Yes, I've become one of those moms who takes pictures of my baby all. day. long. If you're anything like me, your phone is maxed out of space and so is your camera's memory card.

But do you ever get frustrated with the lack of creativity in them? Sometimes I notice that all the pictures look the same. Same outfit. Same background. Same look, one right after the other. It becomes quite obvious I didn't want to miss one little moment in my son's day!

There comes a time when you have to stop snapping and start creating! Have fun with your little one and let the good times effortlessly shine through in each picture…

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