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Write So We All Can Be Free

I love how people can just sit down and write, words flowing effortlessly, like water from a faucet.

It's sexy and alluring to know that one can string words together that sing like a song, oohing and ahhing, hitting high notes and harmonizing to create a melody so hypnotizing.  

It's a beautiful thing, to effect someone so deeply that they consider bettering their lives, or the lives of others, just because your mind worked collectively with your heart and through your fingertips to create a call for change through words…

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New Projects

Starting a new project wears on me within the first few days of its inception. For instance, with this Daily Dose Project (which is now "Thoughts"), I've just created this page and I'm already wondering what the hell I'm doing and why?

It's only the beginning and all my ideas aren't fleshed out, so the insecurity sets in.

The idea sounded great but I'm wondering if it will really work. I'm not sure if anyone will ever read these words. 

But if you push just long enough, you start to see things come together. Your ideas begin to morph into something more real... more tangible. Keep going and spread the love and insight… 

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Mama, Don't Let the Moment Get the Best of You

My son is a handful.

This little boy is the most stubborn, strong-willed person I've ever met in my entire. life. He's defiant and somewhat rebellious, and he does what he wants to do while he half listens to you telling him what not to do.

Lately his tantrums have taken me to a breaking point. He kicks, screams, spits, and does it all while looking you straight in the eye…

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How To Make The Best Of Major Changes In The New Year

2016. Whoa. Not only is it a new year, but there are lots of changes that come with it. It's crazy how these new years just creep up on you out of nowhere. It's not like you didn't know it was coming. Of course you knew. But now you have to correct yourself every time you write 2015 instead of 2016 which will take about a month or two to become second nature…

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Have A Plan And Let It Guide You

In less than three weeks, I'll be moving to Uganda with my son. I think travelling with a newborn, which I've never done before, adds a lot of pressure on top of everything else this trip means.

For one, I'll be leaving my family and friends behind and all the things in my comfort zone. And if I think about it long enough, it becomes quite intimidating…

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Getting Through The Rough Days

After a rough couple of weeks, I’m still not on any regimen with this blog. I feel as if I have to force myself to write, and it shouldn't be like this. However, this is nothing new to me.

There’s always been confusion about what kind of work/career I would take on in life. But there was one thing I always knew for sure: I knew I’d be a mother. There was no mystery, second thoughts, or doubts about it.

My spirit was meant for THAT job. Everything else was secondary…

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5 Ways To Get What You Want Out Of Life

'Go travel the world! Just pick up and go.. Leave it all behind!' It’s the voice inside of me that knows parts of this world are waiting to be discovered by me, in the company of me… me and my camera. I could discover unfamiliar places and through my eyes, the lens of my camera, and the images of my photographs, I will show people the life and cultures of those living across the world. Through this I will be reborn, and hopefully others will too. I want to inspire the best in others, but in order to that I must understand my life will not be an ordinary one.

I wrote that years ago. I remember being at a crossroads in my life where the two decisions I was faced with would’ve taken me down two distinctly different roads…

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