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For Moms Living Across Oceans

As a mom living abroad, halfway across the world away from every sense of normalcy is, well... It's a mindfuck. It's exciting, refreshing, tiring, confusing, challenging, annoying, and liberating, all at the same damn time.

It's a true test of strength and endurance as you constantly question what the hell you were thinking to make such a life-changing decision.

I always knew I was built for this. But I didn't realize the everyday emotions would be so extreme. You wake up one day and pat yourself on the back for your bravery and free spirit, while the next morning you can barely pull yourself out of bed.

And then you throw a baby into the mix that you're home taking care of, and there goes your blood pressure flying high. Because you don't have time to do the whole woe-is-me act…

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Settling In To A New Home Abroad

We've been living abroad in Uganda now for a few weeks, and already I feel my life morphing into something new.

There's something about being here that's causing this thick layer of dead skin to shed, that for years, has been hanging around and dragging me into dark alleys and dead ends. Being away from the noise of everyday life and opinion back home in America has left me ambushed by my own thoughts, a freeing sensation that demands of me to reinvent myself. It's a freedom that's a little scary but thrilling at the same time. Something about being far away from home makes you feel invincible, as if you have nothing to prove. You can go as you please, taste new flavors, be daring, and dig into the wildest desires you've kept locked away for so long…

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