New York

new york.png
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of...
— A. Keys + Jay-Z: Empire State of Mind

New York is home. It’s everything that you love and hate and miss when you’re gone.

It’s the place where dreams come true and fall apart all at the same time. It’s where you live and learn, where you fall and pick yourself back up.

It’s everything you’ve been through, everything you’ve seen. It belongs to you, just as much as it does any other New Yorker.

It’s where I was born and bred, the “concrete jungle” where nothing is what it seems. It’s where you grind and hustle to make a dollar and then some.

It’s where you meet strangers from cities and countries all over the world.

New York is home to the world.

It’s the place you can come to and fit right in. It’s where you can make a fresh start and have a real chance at success.

It’s a place where you can make it whatever you want it to be. It’s a chameleon, constantly changing and evolving.

New York is everything you’ve imagined it to be and more. New York can always be home, if you want it to be.

New York welcomes you.